What We Do

Conversion Rate Optimization

Grow your business and generate more income thanks to our specialization in CRO. We will work on the funnel, landing page and product A/B testing to generate a detailed analysis of your visitors, so that you can convert more of them into happy new customers.

UX Strategy & Research

Let our superior UX skills help build your brand by making certain that it’s as intuitive and flowing as possible. We will build an expert UX review of your website or app by analyzing user acquisition, behavior, flow and more, as well as gather customer feedback for that extra fine tuning.

Workshops & Training

We teach how to effectively use UX and conversion optimization. We can use your own product or service to design a plan tailor-made especially for your needs, and to teach you the skills needed for research, analyzing data, creating experiments and optimizing campaigns.

How We Do It


Our first step is to perform analysis of your traffic and data, putting special emphasis on your landing page, which as we know can be a dangerous weak spot where your users may fall off. By analyzing visitor recordings, heatmaps and scroll maps we will discover how to optimize the user experience on all devices. We’ll begin to understand the user’s needs and problems and how to maximize the potential of your website or product.


Next, we will wireframe and design the experiment targets and KPI strategies based on the findings from our research. Our testing hypothesis will draw upon research conducted in neuropsychology, as well as decision-making and online behavior studies. We will create an optimization strategy to determine the best possible conversion strategies, as well as the ideal UX/UI and microcopy formatting.


After design comes development. We will code the test functionality and use tools such as Maxymiser, VWO, Adobe Target, Qubic and Google Optimize to perform our A/B testing and QA process, so that we can ensure the test goes through as planned on multiple browsers and devices.


Our analytics and software tools will alert us to trends in the test data, which will allow us to report our key findings to you. We can let you know if the experiment was a success or a failure, as well as advise you on further testing and UX tweaking, using the data as a guide for future improvement.


If  necessary, we will repeat the process until the targets have been met.

UXLab by Liel

Your Expert for CRO and UXO.

UXLab is your expert CRO and UXO service brought to you by Liel, an experienced UX and Conversion Optimization specialist who will ensure your business will GROW as more customers convert to their new favorite product or service.

Liel has worked in the iGaming industry for many years at brand leaders such as Ladbrokescoral and William Hill, so she knows the importance of user-centered design. Her professional toolkit is loaded with data analysis, A/B Testing, user flow, heat maps and other tools that ensure a superior result for your UXO, CRO and website/app design needs.

Both large companies and small start-ups have been using Liel’s specialization – as well as her experience in marketing and product management – in order to optimize their UX and user flow and attract more clients. She has created UXLab so that more businesses – INCLUDING YOURS – can now benefit from her talent.

What Our Customers Say

Ziv Egozi - Bingo.co.uk

Liel assisted in the concept, implementation and UX A/B testing for my project. She's professional, knowledgeable and thinks outside the box. Highly recommended!

Dan Stramer - dmdesign.co.il

Liel and I worked together on a relaunch and redesign of a website. Liel presented a fresh new design taking into account the site's targets goals and users. Wearing the developer's hat in this project, collaborating with Liel as the UX and designer was super important. It was a success and I highly recommend Liel, she is professional, fast thinking, and a solution provider!

Gavan Tzruya - Performance Manager at a Leading Bank

Liel was responsible for upgrading the UX of the bank’s performance management system,and she did so in a professional and exemplary manner. She handled graphic design, colorand font selection, screen and table organization, button placement and data calculationmethods. She did all this in a courteous and prompt manner and with a short response time,all while taking into account the needs of our users and adding value to the user experience.I wholeheartedly recommend working with Liel!

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